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T.F.C.C. Tears

Reproduced with permission from Dr Stuart Myers at www.myhand.com.au


Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury, NSW Australia

The Triangular Fibrocartilage (T.F.C.) is a strong ligament type structure in the wrist. It acts to stabilise the joint between the Radius and Ulna. It also acts as a spacer between the Ulna head and the wrist joint. It may cause pain when torn or can result in clicking or catching in the wrist.

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It has a poor blood supply and it derives its nutrition largely from the fluid in the wrist joint. The edge of the TFC has a better blood supply ( Peripheral 10-15%). The lack of blood supply has implication for healing similar to the menisci in the knee. (“Cartilages in the knee”). A central tear does not heal when torn but a peripheral tear may heal. Many people have degenerative tears of the central portion of the TFC as they get older and yet may have no pain at all.

Ulna Length ( Ulna Variance)

On a front view of the wrist the radius and ulna are approximately the same length.

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With normal gripping and leaning on the hand 80% of the force passes from the wrist bones to the radius & 20% to the ulna. Minor changes in length of the ulna variance have profound implications for these forces. Approx 2mm change in length has a 20% effect on the forces.

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A long ulna can cause:

  • Tear of the TFC
  • Arthritis on the Lunate, Triquetrum
  • Tear of the L-T ligament

Uniarthroplast, NSW Australia


  • Central or Peripheral tear
  • Trauma or Degenerative
  • Other injuries eg fracture, nerve, ligaments
  • Age, Activity Level, General Health
  • Non - Dominant Hand
  • Risks of Surgery

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  1. Activity modification
  2. Anti-inflammatory tablets
  3. Cast
  4. Splint


  1. Arthroscopy

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  1. Trim the torn cartilage

    Cortisone Injections, NSW Australia
  2. Repair
Treatment of Cartilage Damage, NSW Australia Osgood Schlatter, NSW Australia Osteochondritis Dessicans, NSW Australia

2. Arthroscopy & Ulna shortening

3. Plate removal – required in 2/3rds of cases

Ulna shortening:

  • If the ulna is too long
  • The bone is cut using a saw and a plate is applied to the bone with 6 - 7 screws
  • Overnight stay in hospital
  • Plaster for 6 – 8 weeks or until bone cut has healed
  • Activity restriction for 3 + months
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