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This is a conditon that causes pain on the tibial tubercle which is where the patella tendon attaches to the shin bone. It is related to overuse in growing adolescents.

It usually occurs in adolescence when there is rapid growth of the bones. It is called a traction apophysis of the tibial tubercle.

Is occurs in both knees in 50% of people. Age 10-14 and boys more than girls.

Clinical – Pain Over the tibial tubercle, swelling.

XR – Calcification or irregularity in the tibial tubercle region.

Natural History – Self limiting as tibial tubercle ossifies (after growth spurt, age 14 girls and 16 for boys) but 60% cannot kneel.


  • Modify activity
  • Ice, anti-inflammatory
  • Stretching
  • Ossicle can be removed
  • 95% have symptoms for 12-24 months
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