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Dr Jonathan Mulford

Dr. Mulford, NSW Australia - Knee Surgery SpecialistI am a orthopaedic surgeon that specialises in all aspects of knee surgery. I have a particular interest in sports knee injuries, meniscal injuries, knee ligament reconstruction, patellofemoral problems (knee cap dislocation) management of cartilage lesions and treatment of knee arthritis with joint replacement.

I also have a strong interest in hip and knee arthroplasty, and wrist surgery. I perform knee arthroscopic (key-hole) surgery, ligament reconstructions (anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate, lateral collateral, posterolateral corner), patellar stabilisations (MPFL reconstruction, tibial tubercle osteotomy), osteotomy for arthritis, partial (uni) knee replacement and total knee replacement. I have experience in minimally invasive techniques and computer assisted surgery.

I have expertise in all types of ligament graft types for reconstructive surgery. This includes hamstring tendons, patella tendon, quadriceps tendon, allograft and LARS ligament (artificial ligament).

I also have a strong interest in wrist surgery. I perform all types of wrist surgery including wrist arthroscopy, fixation of wrist fractures (distal radius and scaphoid), scapholunate reconstruction, ganglion excision and carpal tunnel release.

I manage all types of orthopaedic trauma. This includes internal fixation of all types of fractures.

I completed orthopaedic training in Sydney in 2005.

I have travelled internationally to North America and Europe to work with world leaders in the fields of knee, wrist and trauma surgery. I have completed 2 international knee fellowships and a wrist, upper limb & trauma fellowship.

From 2008 to 2013 I was a specialist orthopaedic surgeon at Sydney Orthopaeic Specialists, Balmain Sports Medicine, Sydney University Sports Medicine, Sydney Sports Medicine Centre. I formed Sydney Hip and Knee Clinic with Dr Michael Solomon and David Broe. I operated at Prince of Wales and Hunters hill Hospitals. In 2013 I relocated to Launceston Tasmania.

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I am a orthopaedic surgeon that specialises in all aspects of Hip and Knee surgery...

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Dr Mulford was awarded a Diploma in Clinical Trials from the University of London in 2008.
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