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Billing & Insurance

If you need an operation then Dr Mulford's secretary will be able to provide you with a cost estimate for your surgery.

Dr Mulford’s standard fee is based around the Australian Medical Association recommended fee. This means that in most instances there will be a portion of your surgical fee which will not be covered by Medicare or your health fund. It is important that you ask about this gap prior to receiving your treatment. Please note that the coverage for various operations varies greatly depending on the Insurance company involved. For Orthopaedic operations done in a Private hospital or as a Private patient in a public hospital there is a fee for:

  • Dr Mulford
  • The Assistant
  • The Anaesthetist
  • The Hospital
  • And there may be a need for visits to the Physiotherapist

Dr Mulford's secretary will help you navigate your way through this at times confusing area.

Do I Need to Have Private Health Insurance?

No. You have several options.

1. You can choose to 'self insure'. This still allows you to choose your doctor and the location and timing of your surgery but will result in a higher out of pocket payment than if you were in a health fund. It is particularly important to note that operating theatre and prostheses costs can be high as Medicare does not cover this at all in a private hospital.

2. You can be treated at the Launceston General Hospital as a public patient and there is no charge. You will be placed on a waiting list for surgery. Post operatively you will be seen in the Outpatients department at the public hospital. This is a teaching facility and some of the surgery is done by registrars under my supervision.

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I am a orthopaedic surgeon that specialises in all aspects of Hip and Knee surgery...

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Dr Mulford was awarded a Diploma in Clinical Trials from the University of London in 2008.
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